Are you ready for your health to be held in a comprehensive and holistic model? One that is multifaceted as you?

Awaken your vitality with one-on-one herbal consultation & custom crafted plant medicine formulas.

My clinical herbal practice combines my philosophy of simplifying complexity through seeing the interconnection point of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Sessions seamlessly move from exploring your bodies inherent constitutional needs to somatic based emotional process work, from investigating how ancestral health and emotional patterns are limiting you in your personal relationships and business to turning towards that which resources you in your life. Combining your story and your experience of your health with pulse and tongue diagnosis and your medical history, I create individualized herbal formulas.

Together we create sustainable nutritional strategies, wellness goals and lifestyle changes as routes of transformation to uproot the pathways of illness; energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Kelsey creates a safe container of true caring, deep listening grounded in insight, and the adept reading of pulses that seems otherworldly in its telling. With Kelsey’s help I have balanced my hormones and healed from PCOS, gotten through entrenched emotional issues and patterning, and grown more than I thought possible in my ability to hold boundaries and truly live in my energetic and physical body.
— Hannah, San Francisco CA

Clinical Herbalism
Individual Sessions

First herbal session (1.5 hours)
$125 + cost of herbs

Follow up (1 hour)
$75 + cost of herbs

Clinical Herbalism Package
(3 sessions)

In depth diagnostic reading
6-month herbal strategy
Lifestyle optimization



Herbal Clinician Diagnostic Mentoring (3 hours)

Increase the precision of your private practice through honing your clinical diagnostics (tongue or pulse-reading) skills.

Perfect for any herbalist looking to increase the potency and results of one-on-one client sessions!


Schedule a session with Kelsey

To arrange a session, please send an email using the link below with the session type as the subject line. Please be sure to include your phone number and a short description of your goals, intention and any other relevant information.