Human life has evolved alongside medicinal plants since the dawn of time. While the wisdom and tradition of using medicinal plant weaves in and out of cultural importance, the power of plant medicine is at the basis of our experience.

Western Clinical Herbalism fuses our ecological and healthcare inheritance with a modern scientific understanding of the body and plant photo-chemical impact.

This integrative practice is enhanced by using a relational view that disease expression, mental patterns, and emotional states are an interconnected web of exchange comprising the whole person. By honoring the complex individual needs of each person, western clinical herbalism holistically formulates and treats for specific individual imbalances and needs.

With 75% of the world's population using botanical medicine as their main source of healthcare, herbalists continually Engage with and contribute to the evolving living traditions of herbal knowledge.

Medicinal herbs have the power to adjust the molecular structure of the body and modulate hormone levels, while simultaneously affecting neural pathways and emotional/thought patterns. As herbalists we harness both possibilities.

The solutions that we provide in this infusion of ancient and modern are enriching our contemporary meaning of vitality and health.

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Dropper photo by Active Culture Family